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collaboration between Codarts and WDKA 
fine art, dance, music
± 15 min
Guido Bosua
‘Perpendicular’ is a live performance that has been made by students from the Willem de Kooning Academy and Codarts during the span of two weeks. This was part of the project Blind date. In those two weeks, I have helped to develop the concept, wrote the text and did the visuals. 

Important for me was to create a visual language that would bring you - as the viewer - inside a whole new universe. A completely responsive layer to the music and the dancers, that does not give away a certain time and place. But instead, would bring you inside a new one.

The visuals were a combination of stop-motion and deconstructed collages of urban landscapes

The text of Perpendicular:

Don’t hold the line, never walk the line, just keep it horizontal. ‘Perpendicular’ is a piece about the constrictions and freedom of being individuals in a collective society; an anarchy waiting for the catalyst to interfere and recreate the chaos that brought them there in the first place. We strive to keep things going the way they were - yet - we still wonder what would happen if it ‘all falls down’. And who will fall? Or rather… what.



Madelief van de Beek

Visual artist and musician.