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Een schim van de man die hij was

"Hij denkt zijn leven lang vooral aan zichzelf. Maar zijn gedachtes zijn wazig geworden. Zijn praten verwarrend en zijn passie geblust. Hij is een schim van de man die hij was".


"A ghost of the man he was" is a portrait of my grandfather and his fight with Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a neurological disease that affects the nervous system and causes nerve cells to die slowly. The longer someone has Parkinson's disease, the worse the symptoms become. Where in an earlier stage it will mainly manifest itself in movement; spasm, shaking and slowness. It will increasingly become worse at a later stage with a chance of psychological complaints such as depression and dementia.


My grandfather is no longer the man he used to be before his diagnosis. He has been living with his disease for several years and seems unable to keep up with his symptoms. Trapped in his own body and mind.




acrylic paint, charcoal


120 x 90