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I wanted to make a work that would go into depth of the role of religion inside my family: My father comes from the strict Reformed church and my fiancé used the be a Jehovah Witness. Both of those beliefs fall more into the realm of ‘cults’ than ‘religion’.


To have a more uninfluenced conversation about these kinds of believes I met up with Hanna. Hanna has brought up - just like my father - inside the strict Reformed community. During this conversation with Hanna, I took pictures while she was talking about her youth. Making the portrait a more honest depiction of her story.


Part of the interview:


In bird's eye view I saw myself sitting in the Reformed church - 12 years old - all alone. I didn’t share their faith anymore. The place I called my home became something where I suddenly felt lost. Where someone like me, wouldn’t be accepted. I got many questions about our God. A god that would send unborn babies to hell because they didn’t have the chance to pray for a ‘new heart’ yet. Babies that would never be forgiven for their birth-sin.



When I grew up I belonged to a community, a family, a church. I went to a school with a reformed education, where books were censored and where I learned nothing about the evolution theory or contraceptives. When I was young I saw the other children that weren’t part of our community. According to our priests we were lucky, we would be spared and had a chance to go to heaven, they didn’t. We were a save club midst of an evil and sinful world. It was us against 'the others'. Now I am the other.


portrait and storytelling


canvas, charcoal, acrylic paint


90 by 70 cm (paintings)