The Contra Revolution of Sound

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sculpture, moving image, and sound
glass, Arduino, speakers
40 by 30 cm
Music is an art that has evolved in many ways. The way we play and experience music, but also the ways in which we can record and listen to it. There are devices nowadays that exceed all expectations: you can play music without even touching a stereo; playing it wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Even the music industry has changed from analog to digital; why learn to play an instrument, when you can just drop beats, and sketch a symphony in programs like Logic and Cubase?
Music is in the middle of a revolution. But where will it end? What if we would depict our music with the use of electronic
equipment and neglect the art it used to be? What if we forget what music is all about: the story of the musician, and see it only as a mirror to our own egos? Can we then reverse time?

The first musical instrument that was ever invented was made of shells: a conch shell to be precise. And as might be expected from an instrument that has been around since Neolithic times, conch shell trumpets are found almost everywhere.

’The Contra Revolution of Music’ is a music device that belongs in a dystopia. It produces music not to be pleasant but to reflect the way you walk, breathe, stand and touch. Sensors depict what notes the conch shell is going to play: it plays with its own audience.



Madelief van de Beek

Visual artist and musician.