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    Art video made for the collection and ongoing research by the name: ‘Fuck. Volgens mij doe ik rouw verkeerd’. The Artist’s way to contextualise her feelings of bereavement at a young age

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    The work: ‘Yours, Death’ is a video installation at Haven Festival IJmuiden (2024), in which the audience is taken in theatrical flight to a place of active grief. Real lavender plants placed inside the installation; accompanied the text and gave a more sensorial experience to the viewers. The audience walked around the container with wireless headphones, so…

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    I was confronted daily with the feeling of having to “say goodbye” repeatedly. I felt the need to give shape to these feelings. I got inspired by the play ‘Funeral’ (the play theatre collective: Brakke Grond, directed by Alexander Devriendt), in which the scene where I had to throw a handful of confetti in the…

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    When my mother passed away, I was in charge of sorting out her clothes. I decided to embroider ‘mama’ into the hems of all her dresses. I filmed myself doing this for over a month. This process resulted in a few hour-long videos. I find it important to be vulnerable as a creator, and to zoom in on…

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    Art installation, video art

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    ‘And I?’, 2019

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    Elevate me, baby, I can’t escape these walls. Innovate me, baby, I live just to get old. Generate me, baby, I can do no more.