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Work experiences
Graduation show 2020/2021 of Willem de Kooning academy. Exhibited work: Er komt een bui aan. October 26 - October 30 2021, Rotterdam.

Exhibition Hier en Nu by Media Art Festival (MAF). Exhibited work: fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd. (graduation work). September 9 - October 10 2021, Leeuwarden.

Artist talk at Generatiehuis Akademie. September 7 2021, theater De Bres in Leeuwarden

Exhibition ALL INN in Het HEM. Exhibited work: fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd. (graduation work). March 31 - April 9 2021, Zaandam.

Rotterdam. during Fem Fest 2021 organized by Kontra and WORM (digital edition due to Covid-19). Exhibited work: fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd. (graduation work). March 3-8 2021, Rotterdam. 

Exhibited during the WalkByExhibition on billboards throughout the city of Rotterdam. Exhibited work: fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd. (graduation work). August 2020, Rotterdam. 

Exhibited during Lacuna Art Festivals; Festival de Arte Lanzarote/ Lanzarote Arts Festival 2020 (digital edition due to Covid-19). Exhibited work: And I?. Summer 2020, Lanzarote (Spain).

Exhibition Shifting Perspectives organized by fourth year minor students of Critical Study in TENT (Witte de With museum). Exhibited work: Het Peperkoekhuis. December 12-17 2019, Rotterdam. 

Guest artist during the open studio of art collective: De Bovenburen. Exhibited work: Het Peperkoekhuis. December 2019, Amsterdam

Exhibition Arthallen organized by NOW in the Foodhallen. Exhibited work: pictures of Transparency in History and Tulpen voor Nicolaes. Spring 2019, Rotterdam.

Patricipant Open studio Night for the 4D department Fine art at Central Saint Martins. Spring 2019, London (UK). 

Art Department for videoclip Elevate Me in collaboration with Chapter.Amsterdam and The Cinema Escape (band). 2019, Amsterdam.

Participant project Blinddate, theater performance; a collaboration between WDKA and Codarts. 2018, Rotterdam.

Presentation in The Witte de With museum as part of The Honours Community WDKA. 2018, Rotterdam.

Exhibition North Sea Jazz Festival. Exhibited work: #beacat. Summer 2018, Rotterdam.

Exhibition in Café Dizzy during North Sea Round Town. Exhibited work: #beacat. Summer, 2018, Rotterdam.

Participant in project Genderosity: a collaboration between WDKA, TENT and KABK. 2017, Rotterdam.

Exhibition Badgasten with second-year Fine Art students of WDKA. 2017, Rotterdam.

Host for Backfire during ARTZaanstad. 2017, Zaanstad.

Part of the art program during the festival Parksessies, Exhibited work: The North Korean Office of Tourism. Summer 2017, Haarlem.
Other relevancy 
I sang in the choir of Slopera, a theatre production for Operadagen Rotterdam. Production by: (Haha)Productions, Contemporary Glory Contemporary Cash, Hajo Doorn, Operadagen Rotterdam and Wunderbaum. Runs: September 15, 26, 27 in 2020, Almondestraat Rotterdam  

I was part of the show: Amsterdammers, a theatre production by Orkater. 
director: Gijs de Lange, text by Geert Lageveen and Leopold Witte. Runs: June 4 - 22 in 2014, Marcanti Amsterdam

I wrote blogs for a Dutch television program: Koffietijd, and appeared 
sporadically on their show, 2014 - 2015.
  • Photography Ben van duin, Frank Hanswijk
  • Photography Ben van duin, Frank Hanswijk
  • Photography Ben van duin, Frank Hanswijk
Yes Miss No Miss, Pop with Jazz and Soul influences: frontwoman, guitar, 
songwriter, 2017 - current. 

The Cinema Escape, Analog Electro Pop: second and lead vocalist,
keys, songwriter, 2018 – 2019.
Metropolis M, magazine about contemporary art. '"Girly", confronterend en fel - Lichting 2020 bijt van zich af in Het HEM', Machteld Leij. Online, March 31 2021.
Het Parool, dutch newspaper. 'Overrompelende expo in Het Hem: van mensenratten tot straathonden, helaas alleen via livestream', Jan Pieter Ekker. Online and print, March 31 2021.

NH-nieuws, dutch news outlet. 'Mega-expositie in Het HEM: "Er mag helaas niemand komen"', Mischa Korzec. Online, March 30 2021.

WDKA, The Extraordinary Chain of Events: graduation catalogue. Online, July 17 2020 - March 31 2021. Published work: 'fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd' (graduation work). 

Rizoom, an open and experimental platform focused on presenting and connecting emerging artists in The Netherlands. Online, August 1 2020.Published work: 'fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd' (graduation work). 

BK-informatie, trade journal for dutch fine art artists. Online and print, March 2020 (edition 4 in print). Published work: 'fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd' (graduation work). 

Novel 'Het Huishouden van een Ontaarde Moeder', co-written by Marjolein Hurkmans, Jesse van de Beek and Valentijn van de Beek. Published by Splint Media BV, 2017. 
HKU, University of Applied Sciences: Scenography master. September 2021 - July 2023, Utrecht.

Willem de Kooning Academy, University of Applied Sciences: Fine Art major, Critical Studies minor. September 2016 - July 2020, Rotterdam. 

Central Saint Martins, University of Applied Sciences: Erasmus Exchange with the Fine Art major, 4D-program with 'performance and text'-class. February 2019- June 2019, London.

First-year diploma (propaedeutics of fine art) 2017, Rotterdam

Dutch School of Popular Music, preliminary program Conservatorium Amsterdam: pop music vocals and songwriting. 2013 - 2015, Amsterdam.

Eerste Christelijke Lyceum, High School: HAVO. 2008 - 2013, Haarlem. High school diploma (NLQF 4/EQF 4).