Performance duration: 00:30:00. Video registration: 00:01:07. HD video 1920 × 2160 Camera: Panasonic LUMIX DMC G7

This performance was made during a residence week at Terschelling, together with the second year of the Master Scenography. The week was guided by Oerol festival and supervised by Maurice Bogaert.

The aim of the performance was to play with the perspectives of the spectators in the surrounding nature. The text highlights certain viewpoints during the performance: bird perspective, from afar, from the ground, looking up, out of sight etc.

The group was split in two for the first part of the performance: group A and group B. Both groups started the performance by reading a letter at the same time on different spots in the dune. During part 2 the group was asked to join each other and walk further into the field. The text is based upon dealing with trauma and feeling alone. The text was presented in the form of handwritten letters that had to be read aloud. The “I” in the letters is written form the perspective of the maker (Madelief) who remains in the same spot: on top op Arjen’s dune, during both parts of the performance. The text is non-fiction.

The footage of the performance, and part of the letters used, are edited in a video used during the presentation of this work at the academy. The registration video can also be curated at a later date. For the video itself: