Het peperkoekhuis

Material: gingerbread, sugar, icing, candy. size: 2 by 1 meter.

‘Het peperkoekhuis’ is a sculpture made out of gingerbread and candy.
Exhibited in TENT Rotterdam and at Art Collective De Bovenburen in Amsterdam, 2019.

This gingerbread house is a downscaled version of the Willem de Kooning Academy and approaches the role of “a feminine style” in contemporary art. Or more realistically: in domestic art.

The work that one could describe as both ‘crafty’ and kitsch touches on the notion of higher and lower art and why this (still) seems to be gender-based.

The gingerbread house photographed and filmed in the boardroom of the academy – an academy named after an artist that only briefly studied there – illustrates the by male and elitist dominated art world further.

The work was made during the minor Critical Studies and is accompanied by a research paper titled: ‘The Craft of making Female Art Kitsch: Why do we tend to exchange one stereotype for another when “rediscovering” female artists’. This research was inspired by the essays of Linda Nochlin and the book: ‘Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology (Parker, Rozsika, and Griselda Pollock).