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  • Untitled post 2542

    The week long residency took place in the Abbey Ulingsheide which is largely deserted. The work ‘Als alles zwijgt’ is my final outcome of the residency, and was presented during the one-day exhibition at the abbey. This residency also includes a research diary which can be seen on the Research Catalogue website (see link at…

  • Untitled post 2523

    Madelief van de Beek made the sand sculpture with sand of her mother’s grave. She created the work in the same week of her mother’s birthday. Her mother would have turned 59, but died on age 57.

  • Untitled post 2125

    At the festival’s heart: De Vishal, and across Haarlem city, the flowers are to be discovered in public urinals. This work raises awareness about how the public space is still primarily designed for able-bodied males. The work got stolen, vandalized, and pied on during the two day festival… The responses to the installation, show how…

  • Untitled post 1796

    Art installaties with flowers

  • Untitled post 1727

    Art installaties with flowers

  • Untitled post 1787

    Art installaties with flowers

  • Untitled post 1539

    Sculpture resin and flowers

  • Untitled post 1400

    This gingerbread house is a downscaled version of the Willem de Kooning Academy and approaches the role of “a feminine style” in contemporary art. Or more realisticly: in domestic art.

  • Untitled post 1250

    The work is based on the painting:’ The anatomical lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp ‘, made by Rembrandt in 1632.