Tag: death culture

  • Untitled post 2523

    Madelief van de Beek made the sand sculpture with sand of her mother’s grave. She created the work in the same week of her mother’s birthday. Her mother would have turned 59, but died on age 57.

  • Untitled post 2413

    Art video made for the collection and ongoing research by the name: ‘Fuck. Volgens mij doe ik rouw verkeerd’. The Artist’s way to contextualise her feelings of bereavement at a young age

  • Untitled post 2263

    ‘Memento Object’ is a goodbye performance/ritual, performed on the last day of the exhibited, spacial work: ‘Object Mori’. During the performance, all the objects placed by the audience during the days prior, are being packed up again. Candles are being lit in remembrance of the objects gone. This changed lighting; highlighted the embroidered names in…

  • Untitled post 2202

    ‘In the shadow of loss… stands a room that houses grief. A room that provides a space in which to contemplate lives passed. A place to say goodbye at one’s own pace. Death can not alter any memories. It can only make them more meaningful’. The work ‘object mori’, centers on the banality of objects…

  • Untitled post 2091

    Text of the ‘In Limbo’ exhibition:‘The Gans Studio will be demolished after our exhibition. But instead of going carte blanche, we took the route of highlighting the history and aesthetic of the building in its current stage. Limbo is a temporal state of being in between places. This place could be the one in between…