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And I?

'And I?' is a product of my time in London. During my exchange with Central Saint Martins I did a few art performances in which I was a stereotype of myself, or: women in general. With the focus on the 'sad girl' and '50s housewife': both types being heavily used in pop culture, as the 'damsel in distress,' and almost elevated as the sexy counterpart of the 'pixie girl.' It sparked my interest in certain 'female characters' and the ways in which I can use those during future performances. This being one of the first.


'And I?' is a video on a loop with its character trapped in a spiral. Going over and over the same story again. "I once met a man", but who or what he is, remains unknown. The same goes for what 'she gave' in the end, or is it the beginning?


The proverbial red thread breaking again and again until nothing is certain of what she, or I was trying to say.


And I?


art performance


video and music (Madelief van de Beek - Easy, Ian Fredericks - Sunrise) | text: Yes Miss No Miss


1080p HD, on loop (on Vimeo 00:05:44)