Yours, Death

Two HD video 1920 × 1080, beamed at different parts of the space (shipping container) on loop.
Complete duration: 00:15:00. Camera: Panasonic LUMIX DMC G7.

‘Yours, Death’ is an art installation composed out of video-material, filmed in the theatre of Utrecht. These videos are part of a research into the trauma responses during the first stages of grief.

The work: ‘Yours, Death’ is a video installation at Haven Festival IJmuiden (2024), in which the audience is taken in theatrical flight to a place of active grief. Real lavender plants placed inside the installation; accompanied the text and gave a more sensorial experience to the viewers. The audience walked around the container with wireless headphones, so they could fully emerge themselves with the audio.

The participants (the ones seen in the video) all lost a parent at a young age; they were asked to make poetic gestures and create images: that represented their grief and stories of ‘encountering death’. The audio used, consists of letters written to “death”.

One of the videos used in the installation.